Wellbeing works, truly

People are the most important capital. With Wellbeing Works, we make sure that people feel well at their jobs, both mentally and physically.

Employees who feel comfortable in their skin, are better employees and propel the company towards success. This knowledge is Wellbeing Works’ drive.

We want to contribute to improving and optimising workable work within your team or your company through fun, impactful and directly deployable programmes.

B-Tonic is a registered service provider of the workability cheque and quality registration WSE.
Registration numbers B-Tonic DV.A243403 – DV.O243402 – KDB000001929. Read more about it here.

Tailored to your company

Wellbeing Works offers wellness programmes, not one-time interventions. The participants have the time to choose their objectives and to learn new habits for a permanent behavioural change.

Re-boost your mental energy
Enough mental energy and resilience are important ingredients for a happy life. This programme boosts your mental strength and ensures the right mindset to cope with everyday challenges better and keep everything in perspective.
Healthy eating & exercise
A fun online programme to improve your eating and exercise habits and stick to them.
Ergonomics in the workplace
Choose a keynote, workshop or information session that suits your needs and put together your own customised programme.
An energetic workforce in 100 days
Healthier and more productive employees? This is the integral wellbeing programme for your company.
Leading the way in a hybrid work environment
How do you deal with the changes in the organisation in a clever way?
Coaching in the workplace or remotely
Choose a keynote, workshop or info session that best suits your wishes and create your own custom programme.

Our five cornerstones

The scientific knowhow proves that wellbeing at work encompasses all. That is why we always focus on these five cornerstones of wellbeing in our Wellbeing Works programmes.

Do you want to gain insight into your team or organisation’s wellbeing levels? The Wellbeing Works scan thoroughly analyses the key issues and potential quick wins.

We have various wellness programmes tailored to your team or company. No woolly fuss, but modelled on substantiated and scientific knowledge. Each programme provides practical starting points with which participants can get to work right away. As a result, the effects will immediately become visible within the organisation. Because wellness works, truly.

Whitepaper Hybrid working 4.0

Employees with a high amount of hybrid work are less at risk for a burnout.

Hybrid working is here to stay and that is great news, both for your company and for your employee. But how should we implement this new way of working in a successful and sustainable way? Wellbeing platform B-Tonic, a subsidiary of Baloise Insurance, wrote a whitepaper that wants to offer a specific framework for this in collaboration with Federgon, the federation of HR service providers and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB)

You can read how you can implement the new approach to working in a successful and sustainable way in the whitepaper Hybrid working 4.0.

You don't have to believe us...

Paul Van Den Bosch is co-founder of Energy Lab, coach of star athletes and author of books about training, coaching and health. In this video, he clearly explains why the key to a happy and healthy life lies in that integrated approach of the various cornerstones: exercise, food, sleep, mental resilience and self-leadership.

You're in great company!

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