Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics is about much more than just a correct work posture. It maintains the energy level of your employees and also ensures a much better mental focus. In our ergonomics sessions, you will discover all about the perfect sitting position. You also learn how to avoid those typical office-related physical complaints by regularly changing your posture and moving sufficiently. Your mental energy and focus will also benefit as a result. In short, enjoyable and useful breaks for you and your team!
Live Fitdesk sessions with your team
These live sessions are suitable for all employees and can be held both online and at the office. If the managers also take part, this will automatically provide extra support and motivation.
Online Fitdesk channel
Give your employees the opportunity to tune in to the Fitdesk channel at their own pace and at their chosen times. On the channel they will find short videos with ergonomic and energising exercises that will increase their physical strength, preventing overload.

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