In 100 dagen naar een energieke werkvloer
An energetic workforce in 100 days - Large

Healthier and more productive employees? 
This is the integral wellbeing programme for your company. 
The Large package is valid from 50 employees. 

Fitness isn’t just physical. And motivation, for example, isn’t just mental. That’s why we tackle all aspects of health in just 100 days. With monthly interactive sessions, weekly videos and exercises, and an inspiring activation campaign, we keep everyone motivated from start to finish. 

Want to apply for the programme with your workability voucher?
Your workability voucher can cover 60% of the cost of this course, so you pay just €43 per person excl. VAT.

How to submit the application?
Upon receipt of payment, B-Tonic will contact you to help you easily redeem this Flemish Government voucher worth €63 per person excl. VAT.


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