Effort test running + Biomechanical running analysis

For the biomechanical running analysis, we use RunEasi, a new technology to analyze your running movements in an efficient and scientifically substantiated way. This technology was recently developed at KU Leuven. Your strengths and weaknesses are determined on the basis of the analysis; as well as the (possible) left/right asymmetry.

How do you move? And how can you prevent injuries by adjusting your running posture?

Our coaches provide you with tailor-made exercises to work on your weaker points at home.


Location: Energy Lab Leuven, Paal or Ghent


Duration: 120 min

Extra options:

  • DEXA scan: A DEXA scan determines your body composition. You will gain insight into your bone density, weight, fat percentage and lean mass of the total body per region.
  • VO2 Max test: we determine during the test how much oxygen you can maximally absorb. This VO2 Max is expressed in an absolute and relative score (per kg body weight) and is the best indicator to measure your cardiovascular fitness.


I.c.w. Energy Lab


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