Re-boost your mental energy

Boost your mental strength to better cope with everyday challenges. This programme gives you the right mindset for a happy life.

Fully online and flexible 
Accessible and effective
√ Renowned coaches
Long-lasting results

Price: € 35

What can you expect?

  • Age test: Find out how your lifestyle affects your biological age. This test is often an eye-opener, and we do it again at the end of the programme so you can measure your progress.
  • The mental reset: In our series of four videos, Elke Geraerts shows how important it is to prioritise our brain more, to have a more open mindset and put everything into perspective more easily. People with a growth mindset perform better, and are happier and more independent.  
  • Healthy recovery: Aïsha Cortoos focuses on the science of performance and fatigue in four videos. You are given practical strategies that are easy to implement so you can get started straight away with improving your resilience and how you cope with stress, and so also your performance and productivity. 
  • Fitdesk sessions: Targeted movements can optimise how physical stress is redistributed and dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Peter Duyck provides five exercise sessions which each focus on different parts of the body. You can easily incorporate all of these practical and achievable exercises as part of your daily routine to combat the harmful effects of working at a desk. 


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