An energetic workforce in 100 days

Our ready-made online training platform with hybrid activities helps you and your employees to live and work with more energy – creating a better atmosphere at work and increasing productivity.
In 100 dagen naar een energieke werkvloer
Each module consists of videos, practical exercises and key take-aways – with Fitdesk sessions along the way.
Live webinar

Cédric Dumont teaches why daring and focus are the new IQ. Learn to improve your self-awareness. Use uncertainty to grow and reinvent yourself. Be ready for the future, dare to uncover your skills and talents, and use them to the full.

Denk gezond
Healthy thinking

The mental reset
Elke Geraerts inspires you to develop an open mindset and choose brain-friendly habits for working and living in this day and age.

Beweeg gezond
Healthy exercise

The power of physical energy
Aline Fobe teaches you the benefits of physical exercise and how to incorporate it as part of your (busy) day-to-day professional and personal life.

Gezond eten
Healthy eating

Intuitive eating and emotional eating
Sarah Braet teaches you to listen to your body’s signals. Intuitive eating uses principles that can help you improve your relationship with food. Emotions, habits, situations and other underlying factors often play a huge role in our eating behaviour.

Leiding Nemen
Healthy working

Hybrid working
Elke Geraerts provides insights into the crucial drivers of productivity – energy, focus, coordination and cooperation. Gaining as much enjoyment and satisfaction as possible from work is a must, so it’s incredibly important to have a successful hybrid plan.

Slaap gezond
Healthy recuperation

Increase resilience and energy
Aisha Cortoos combines science with quick tips to find the tricky balance between working from home and coping with the pandemic.

Fitdesk sessions

Peter Duyck provides practical and achievable activities for you to incorporate as part of your daily life – with theoretical background – in these short exercise sessions following each module. Targeted movements can optimise how physical stress is redistributed and dramatically reduce the risk of injury.

Live webinar

Anneleen De Lille explains how to unlearn bad habits, develop good new ones, and stick to them. This leads to behavioural changes that strengthen our brain, increase our productivity, and improve our job satisfaction.

An energetic workforce in 100 days
with these top coaches
Cedric Dumont

Cedric Dumont

High performance psychologist and TEDx speaker


Elke Geraerts

Human capital expert, Doctor of Psychology

Carolien Van Den Bosch

Carolien Van Den Bosch

Trainer & keynote speaker


Sarah Braet

Specialist in the treatment of disturbed eating patterns, emo-eating and eating disorders.


Aisha Cortoos

Doctor of Psychology, sleep/stress expert en psychotherapist


Peter Duyck

Master of Physical Education and head trainer at Trace with 10 years of expertise in personal and small group training.


Anneleen De Lille

Coach specialising in changes in habit


This training can be adapted to suit your organisation’s size and schedule.

Location: online

Price: From €106 per person (excl. VAT) depending on the size of your organisation.
Your ‘workability voucher’ can cover 60% of the cost of this course.

Personalised programmes on request.

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