Healthy eating & exercise

Healthy eating and enough exercise are the keys to an energetic and healthy life. But so much for the theory, as our good intentions so often succumb to the daily rat race. This programme is accessible and fun but also works on behavioural change to make it easy for you to stick to your new eating and exercise habits.

In 100 dagen naar een energieke werkvloer
Each module consists of videos, exercises and key take-aways.
A healthy start

Inspiring magazine
The Healthy Eating and Exercise magazine is crammed full of 60 pages of handy tips and tricks about exercise, sleep and resilience. We also pay close attention to a healthy diet, naturally.

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Healthy eating

Emotional eating and intuitive eating
Emotions, habits, situations and other underlying factors often have a big impact on our eating behaviour. But some 70% of people suffer from emotional eating. Sarah Braet teaches you to listen to your body’s signals in two videos, because intuitive eating is based on principles that help you improve your relationship with food.

Healthy eating

Healthy recipe booklet
Looking for inspiration to prepare healthy, delicious food? We’ll happily to treat you to 30 tasty recipes that will set you on the right track straight away. Bon appétit!

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Healthy exercise

The power of physical energy
Physical energy includes getting enough exercise and recovery, combined with a balanced diet and sufficient sleep. In two videos, Aline Fobe teaches you the benefits of physical activity and how to incorporate it as part of your (busy) day-to-day professional life. You’re also given core stability exercises at three different levels, supplemented with stretching and strength exercises.

Fitdesk sessions

Targeted movements can optimise how physical stress is redistributed and dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Peter Duyck provides five exercise sessions which each focus on different parts of the body. You can easily incorporate all of these practical and achievable exercises as part of your daily routine to combat the harmful effects of working at a desk.

Healthy eating and exercise with these expert coaches
Cedric Dumont

Cedric Dumont

High performance psychologist and TEDx speaker

Carolien Van Den Bosch

Aline Fobe

Trainer & keynote speaker


Peter Duyck

Master of Physical Education and head trainer at Trace with 10 years of expertise in personal and small group training.


Sarah Braet

Specialist in the treatment of disturbed eating patterns, emo-eating and eating disorders

Healthy eating & exercise
Want an energetic and healthy life with a better diet and more exercise?

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