Medical assessment in the workplace

Are you curious about the mental and physical health of your team, department or organisation? Accredited doctors perform the B-Tonic medical assessment to provide a clear analysis, followed up with an effective and detailed support programme.

B-Tonic helps you to develop a sustainable wellbeing policy for your workplace – raising employee awareness of a healthy lifestyle – with a detailed medical assessment by certified sports physicians. Investing in a targeted and preventive health policy in the workplace, and removing any physical or psychosocial barriers, is the fastest and most sustainable way to ensuring resilient, loyal and productive employees.

It’s extremely important to start by gaining a good understanding of your organisation and personnel. Our medical questionnaire is therefore aligned with your sector’s specific requirements. We plan everything in advance and provide a keynote presentation to raise awareness among employees if necessary.

In order to set up a cardiovascular assessment in your organisation, we first need to check whether you have enough room for an examination table and exercise bike with heart monitor. We strongly recommend raising awareness among employees in advance of the intake interview, blood testing and clinical examination.

Once we’ve visited your site and given your employees all the necessary information, we schedule intake interviews to assess their health, with blood tests to measure:
  • Sedimentation & CRP
  • Glucose (blood samples must be taken on an empty stomach)
  • Total protein and renal function (eGFR, urea, creatinine)
  • Liver enzymes, cholesterol, thyroid (and PSA for males)
  • A urine and stool test may also be carried out (in agreement with the organisation)
An expert team of accredited sports medical examiners performs the cardiovascular assessments, with the following clinical examinations:
  • Biometrics: height, weight, BMI
  • Heart and lung auscultation and thyroid
  • Throat, mouth, eye and ear inspection
  • Skin test and neurological assessment
  • Abdomen
  • ECG at rest (optional)
  • Fit Check-up with cardio test (optional)
We can draw up an anonymous company report and consult with your organisation to develop a sustainable wellbeing policy with action plans if desired.

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