Re-boost your mental energy

Enough mental energy and resilience are important ingredients for a happy life. This programme boosts your mental strength and ensures the right mindset to cope with everyday challenges better and keep everything in perspective.
Each module consists of videos, exercises and key take-aways.
Denk gezond
Healthy thinking

The mental reset
In our series of four videos, Elke Geraerts shows how important it is to prioritise our brain more, to have a more open mindset and put everything into perspective more easily. People with a growth mindset perform better, and are happier and more independent.

Slaap gezond
Healthy recuperation

Healthy recovery
Aisha Cortoos combines science with practical tips to rediscover the tricky balance between working remotely and the pandemic.

Fitdesk sessions

Targeted movements can optimise how physical stress is redistributed and dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Peter Duyck provides five exercise sessions which each focus on different parts of the body. You can easily incorporate all of these practical and achievable exercises as part of your daily routine to combat the harmful effects of working at a desk.

Re-boost your mental energy with these expert coaches
Cedric Dumont

Cedric Dumont

High performance psychologist and TEDx speaker


Elke Geraerts

Human capital expert, Doctor of Psychology


Aisha Cortoos

Doctor of Psychology, sleep/stress expert and psychotherapist


Peter Duyck

Master of Physical Education and head trainer at Trace with 10 years of expertise in personal and small group training.

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