To measure is to know

We all want our employees to be the healthiest and most energetic version of themselves. However, it is not so easy to know exactly where the “growth margin” is, both at the level of the individual and at the level of the organisation. To gain an accurate insight into the physical, mental and professional condition of your team and/or organisation, here are some quick and convenient tests or scans that will help you along the way.

Human Capital Scan
How does my human capital score in terms of physical and mental resilience?
Age test
This company scan, skillfully prepared by our experts, will tangibly measure the impact of our lifestyle on our biological age.
Good Work Goals
With the 10 Good Work Goals, we advise companies in creating work environments that value good employees and support good societies, with a strong link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Research shows that 60 % more employees are on the brink of burnout today than two years ago. Of these, one in three is at a (possibly high) risk of dropping out soon. The B-Tonic Burnout Scan assesses the mental wellbeing and resilience of your employees and compiles the results in a clear report. It is an important tool in the fight against what health watchers call “the new pandemic”.
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