Age test

How old are you really?

How are your employees doing?

Happy and motivated teams are the engine of every successful business. Thanks to our unique B-Tonic age scan, as an HR manager, manager or entrepreneur, you keep your finger on the pulse of your employees’ health, with a major focus on resilience and mental wellbeing.

This questionnaire, expertly compiled by our experts, specifically measures how much impact our lifestyle has on our biological age. It is a quick and convenient tool that gives you concrete insight into your company’s wellbeing. After the test, you will receive an extensive report that shows how your employees are doing and which points for attention have been identified.

Our age test is based on reports and recommendations from the WHO on the one hand and on current scientific literature on the other. Each parameter was carefully studied and scientifically validated. This gives users a realistic picture of how their behaviour impacts their biological age. This tool is intended for screening purposes only and is not a diagnostic test. A thorough diagnosis requires additional examination by a doctor. 

Action: You need a company code to take this test. You can now fill in the test for free with this code: wbw-odipop

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