Receive a grant for our programs with the "werkbaarheidscheque" and get started right away

Work together with your team towards a healthy, vibrant and energetic workplace. Invest in a sustainable welfare policy and get support from the Flemish Government, of up to no less than € 10,000!

Please mind that all information concerning the Werkbaarheidscheque is only available in Dutch.

What can the "Werkbaarheidscheque" be used for?
With the “werkbaarheidscheque”, you can receive support as a sole trader, SME, large enterprise or social profit organisation with at least 1 employee on the payroll in order to map out bottlenecks in workable work within your organisation. The intention is to improve working conditions sustainably. Via the vouchers, Flanders finances up to 60% of your project, with a ceiling of € 10,000.
What advice and training courses are eligible for this?

An energetic workplace in 100 days

Through this ready-made online learning platform with hybrid activities, we ensure that job satisfaction, motivation and connection between colleagues are reinforced.

Human Capital Scan

Carry out a scan of the workability of the work in your organisation. In addition, let yourself be guided in drawing up and implementing a workability plan.

The support can only be granted for advice and training that is carried out by registered recognised service providers of the SME portfolio or by service providers with a quality registration from Work and Social Economy. B-Tonic has both quality labels. B-Tonic is a registered service provider for the workability voucher and WSE quality registration.
Registration number B-Tonic DV.A243403 – DV.O243402 – KDB000001929.
WSE kwaliteitsregistratie
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